Ethical management

TY Holdings practices ethical standards for all employees.

Ethics Charter

  • Basic values and beliefs of our company's ethical management
  • Specify social responsibility with stakeholders
    (customers, executives, competitors, and partner companies)
As a corporate citizen, TY Holdings is committed to becoming an honest company and
a company that complies with the principles and principles, and is committed to 'fair management',
'transparent management' of sincerity and honesty, and 'green future management'.
Based on this, we are going to become a company that contributes to the development of the country and society by making efforts to ensure the happiness of customers,rewarding employees, fair competition with competitors, coexistence with partners, and shareholders' rights.
  • We pursue the happiness of our customers.

    By creating the future value of customers, we create a rich lifestyle by providing the true value that customers want with the belief that our future exists in satisfying customers.
  • We value the rewarding of our employees.

    Based on mutual trust and respect, it will create a corporate culture in which executives and employees' expectations for growth and stability are realized.
  • We have a fair competition.

    All business and business activities shall comply with relevant laws and regulations in the relevant area and secure an advantage in competition through justifiable methods.
  • We co-exist with our partner company.

    It provides fair opportunities to partner companies and develops a win-win relationship by establishing a fair and transparent trading culture.
  • We protect the rights and interests of shareholders.

    Maximize corporate value through reasonable and transparent management activities that shareholders can trust and invest in.
  • We contribute to the development of the nation and society.

    It fulfills its corporate responsibility to the nation and society with a spirit of constant challenge and creation for sustainable growth.