Basic Form of Symbol Mark, ‘Creative Window’

AITaeyoung Group's symbol reflects Taeyoung Construction's management philosophy that there is a company's development only when customers develop based on the "spirit of creating customer value" in which customers come first.
Taeyoung's symbol "Creative Window" depicts the composition of the two-handed thumb and index finger when taking pictures or drawings.
It means the spirit of Taeyoung's challenge and creation to continuously create and provide new life values to customers by constantly grasping customers' needs.

The square shape of the symbol reflects TY Holdings' management philosophy of trust, respect, honesty and principles to customers (consumers, shareholders, employees and the public) in the four main areas of business (construction, broadcasting, logistics/trade/reservation).
The round form of the symbol reflects the spirit of creation and challenge of the future-oriented Taeyoung Group to create the best customer value.
Wine color included Taeyoung's intellectual and passionate spirit to provide richness and nobility to customers.

    pantone 1955c C 10 M 90 Y 30 K 30


    pantone warm gray 2c Y 5 K 11


    pantone warm gray 5c M 6 Y 6 K 34


    pantone cool gray 9c M 3 Y 3 K 65


    pantone gray 425c K 80

Color System

The exclusive color of this paragraph is the unique color of the Taeyoung group, which is applied to each element, such as symbol and logo type, which is an important factor in forming the Taeyoung group's image. Taeyoung Group's dedicated colors are divided into main colors and sub colors, and accurate color management is required for visual image unification.

In particular, lighting, saturation, etc. may vary depending on the medium of representation, so in order to obtain the best standard color for color reproduction, it should be used compared to the color samples attached to the reproduction material.
However, the color representation is distinctive in principle, but it can be expressed in a process four primary colors according to the characteristics of the applied medium.