Business introduction

The New Media World SBS Media Group

It is a media group with global competitiveness in the 21st century that has a number of affiliates covering terrestrial broadcasting, new media broadcasting, production and distribution of broadcasting contents, etc.
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  • Private terrestrial broadcasting SBS

    A global cultural content company that fills the world with new joy beyond TV

    Through new media such as SBS, cable/satellite/IPTV, which established a national network, we have SBS MediaNet and Nscreen service platform pooq, which is a PP that provides 7 channels, and provide the highest quality content to viewers.
  • Content Planning and Production Project

    Creative Enterprise Studio specializing in dramas

    Studio S, founded on the 30-year history of SBS, is a global drama studio that provides the best spectacle from drama production to revenue generation such as planning, casting, production, marketing, new media, and other value creating projects. It provides satisfactory TV contents by producing high-quality dramas professionally.
  • Paid Broadcasting Channel Project

    A professional channel encompassing generations and genres.

    The Entertainment channels SBS Plus and SBS funE provide SBS dramas, entertainment programs and various original programs. Also, Korea No. 1 Sports channel SBS Sports, unrivaled No. 1 premium golf channel SBS Golf, lifestyle emotional channel SBS FiL, reliable companion of the Korean economy SBS Biz, music entertainment channel SBS M, children/young children content channel Kizmom We are delivering joy and pleasure that encompasses all genres.
  • Digital & Media Solutions

    Contributing to creating customer value in various areas such as production, distribution, platform, and marketing

    Private Media Lab SBS M & C and Digital Media Lab DMC Media are customers' marketing partners that provide solutions to improve customer value. Our content distribution companies, SBS Content Hub, SBS International, etc. are expected to add new value to content and contribute to the Korean wave through domestic and overseas distribution and other businesses.