Business introduction

Logistics Specialist Taeyoung Industries

With a new vision to prepare for the future, we are a specialized logistics company with a global mindset for the wider world.
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    Secure Field Operations and advanced automation facilities

    In order to create a fast logistics industry environment, we provide an inventory check system for each tank by internet, for customers' convenience, and we have automated facilities for checking customs clearance, transportation, using the Korea Customs Service EDI program. For cargo quality management, we regularly introduce a cargo analysis system to implement systematic cargo management. With the introduction of the Computerized Maintenance Management System (CMMS), we always achieve stable operations by installing automatic inspection devices for major driving facilities.

    In addition, we have strengthened safety task through CDI-T (Chemical Distribution Institute for Terminal), Auditing, KOSHA 18001 and PSM (Process Safety Management), SMS (Stability Improvement Plan) and continue to make efforts as an environment-friendly company by minimizing VOCs (Volatile Organic Chemicals) with the operation of VOCs reduction facilities.
  • Yanggok Terminal

    Best Partner in Global Trade

    By managing and operating unloading, storage, and transportation more scientifically and rationally, we will not only ensure stable production in related industries, but also improve competitiveness through cost reduction. We are doing our best to ensure that there is no shortage in fulfilling the role of the base of the agriculture and livestock industry.
  • Pyeongtaek SILO

    Loading service business for all cargo exported or imported via port.

    We have established a 100,000-ton SILO dedicated to grain in D-BLOCK at Pier No. 9 in Pyeongtaek • Dangjin Ports to loading and storing grain.