TY Holdings is a holding company of Taeyoung Group.

Since the establishment of Taeyoung Development Co., Ltd. in 1973, Taeyoung Group has been We have been contributing to the development of the country and society by running various businesses.

On September 1, 2020, Taeyoung Group separated its flagship Taeyoung Construction Co., Ltd. to establish TY Holdings, transforming the group's governance structure into a holding company system. As a holding company of Taeyoung Group, TY Holdings has affiliates with unrivaled competitiveness in each business field.
We are doing our best to enhance corporate and shareholder value by enhancing business expertise and management transparency of these affiliates.

In addition, we are striving to promote the public good based on Taeyoung's spirit of “intelligence, trust, and challenge,” beyond the company's original goal of pursuing growth and profit.
We are committed to “win-win” with various stakeholders by fulfilling our corporate social responsibility.

Taeyoung Group will not settle for the present achievements, will not stop challenging and innovating for bigger dreams, and will create a prosperous and hopeful future for all members of society