Board Composition Status

Currently, the company's board of directors consists of a total of six directors, including two inside directors and four outside directors.
In addition, there is an audit committee as a committee within the board of directors, which is organized and operated in accordance with the rules of the board of directors.

Category Full name Major career Date of appointment Period
an in-company executive Yoo Jong-yeon TY Holdings CEO 09/13/2020 3 years
Yoon Suk-min Taeyoung Construction Chairman 03/25/2022 3 years
External Director Cho Hak-guk Former Vice Chairman of the Fair Trade Commission
Presidential Secretary for Finance and Economy
2020.09.01 3 years
Kim Tae-young Lawyer in Gangnam Corporation 09/01/2020 3 years
Jeong Jong Ho the dean of the Graduate School of International Univ at Seoul National University 09/01/2020 3 years
Lee geum lo Former Vice Minister of Justice Currently,
Representative Attorney at Law Firm Sol
12/28/2021 2 years

Audit committee

The Company establishes an audit committee separately, and the three external directors are appointed by the resolution of the general shareholders' meeting.
The Audit Committee shall audit the company's accounting and business affairs, and may at any time request a report on sales or investigate the company's business and property status.

① Composition: at least three executives and three outside executives, and at least one accounting or financial expert
Position Full name Date of appointment Note
Chairman Cho Hak-kuk 09/2020 Accounting and tax expert
Member Kim Tae-young 09/2020 Design and operation status evaluation of the internal accounting management system (legal expert)
Member Jeong Jong Ho 09/2020 Design and operation status evaluation of the internal accounting management system (Overall field of management)
② Role
Category Regulations
The Authority of audit Statement of opinions on the board of directors, requests for attraction, statement of opinions at shareholders' meetings, preparation and submission of audit records and audit reports, audit of subsidiaries, report of directors, request for call-up of shareholders' meetings, statement of opinions, representation between companies and executives, etc.
The Responsibility of an auditor Responsibility for joint compensation of the company for negligence of work, responsibility for joint compensation of third parties, etc.
③ Status of the Audit Committee Support Organization
(Team) Name
Number of employees Employees (Working Years) Major activity details
Finance team 4 Appointment (average 20 months) Internal accounting management overall support
Planning team 5 Appointment (average 22 months) Audit Committee agenda review and submission