Business introduction

Taeyoung Construction Creates Customer Future Value

We are the company that leads the creation of customer future value by providing construction business sectors such as architecture,
civil engineering, and housing projects, environmental plants, and renewable energy projects that can maximize the value of pleasant and convenient living / residential spaces.
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  • Urban development

    Innovative development, such as residential and non-residential, commercial, ecological, cultural, etc.

    Through systematic and continuous public-private joint development projects such as LH Corporation and local governments, we are developing new and innovative developments by creating not only a pleasant urban environment but also residential, non-residential, commercial, ecological, and cultural functions.

    Taeyoung Construction's development project proposes a growth and creative future of local culture by establishing a long-term business analysis, product planning and marketing that reflects customer needs, and close cooperation with related departments.
  • Housing business

    Delicate design and optimal solution 'Desian specialization'

    With the characteristics of comfortable space design, pleasant futuristic comprehensive residential environment, and sophisticated and elegant interior / exterior design, Desian aims to differentiate itself from other brands by providing delicate designs and optimal solutions.

    Desian's brand slogan 'Design, Detail, DESIAN' is a firm commitment to scrutinizing and resolving customer needs.
    Desian will constantly evolve and think customer satisfaction as a top priority.
  • SOC

    New Standards for Environmental Business

    The achievements and know-how gained from the construction and operation of sewage treatment facilities have become a new standard for environmental projects and have firmly established their status as the leader of SOC in the environmental sector.

    Taeyoung Construction contributes to the expansion of infrastructure such as environmental facilities, roads, ports, and railways based on stable funding and excellent technology.
  • Architecture

    Creating Value Beyond Architectural Technology and Aesthetics

    Beyond building technology and aesthetics, which combines the reliability as the best company, advanced design technology, accumulated know-how, and advanced construction capabilities, we create the value customers want and enrich human life.

    Taeyoung Construction, which showed excellent technology in construction of Changwon Masan Baseball Stadium, Gyeonggi Provincial Government New Office, 2nd National Assembly Hall, and Yeouido Post Office, will continue to make efforts to create Korea's construction culture through continuous innovation, research, and development.
  • Civil engineering

    Know-how to promote the development of national infrastructure

    It has been praised for its excellent technology and know-how in various civil engineering works such as highways, bridges, subways, and new town infrastructure, and its technology and rich experience have become the foundation for Taeyoung Construction as a top company today.
  • Plant

    One Top Renewable Energy, New Growth Power Plant

    It has the best performance and capability in the field of environmental energy plants such as MBT plants for household waste, BGP plants for organic waste, and automatic garbage collecting facilities.

    The future renewable energy business is actively promoted as a new growth engine business, and the large-scale energy plant, environment, and renewable energy plant sectors such as Heat Merging Plants are also promoting unique technology by discovering technologies and developing their own localization technologies.

    In the future, Taeyoung Construction will continue to make efforts to realize steady business advanced growth based on its successful project experience.
  • Water business

    Korea's First Biological Advanced Processing Technology

    Taeyoung Construction considers the importance of water more important than anything else, including the Gangbuk Water Treatment Plant, the largest water purification facility in the east, We are the best in the water business field with various water and sewage construction performances, including Suwon Sewage Treatment Plant and Korea's first private-invested sewage treatment plant., etc.

    It has been equipped with a complete system from design to construction, supervision, and operation, and has successfully carried out strict standards of sewage and wastewater treatment facilities, water treatment facilities, and has the highest market share in private operations sector using professional and efficient operation and management techniques.