Business introduction

ECORBIT Corporation leaps to the top

Based on 15 years of technology, know-how, and global networking, It is a comprehensive environmental company that develops and invests new technologies and new businesses and provides smart environmental technology services to apply safe environment and rich quality of life for future generations as well as current generations.
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  • Reclamation business

    Land Fill

    The landfill business is a business that safely and harmlessly treats waste generated from industrial activities.ECORBIT Corporation has the number one landfill capability in Korea through four landfill sites (Changwon, Pohang, Gumi, and Chungju).We will take the lead for a cleaner future through communication and harmony with local governments and local residents.
  • Wastewater treatment Sewage and Wastewater Treatment

    Sewage and Wastewater Treatment

    ECORBIT Corporation has the most operational performance of environmental infrastructure facilities.The best operating know-how and cutting-edge technologyBased on this, we are conducting design, construction, operation management, and investment projects for wastewater treatment facilities.
  • Industrial water treatment facilities

    Industrial Water Treatment System

    It is recognized as the nation's largest power generation water treatment company by successfully designing, manufacturing, installing, test driving, performance testing, and operation management of large-scale plant water treatment facilities such as nuclear power and thermal power plants.
  • Reused Water(Ultra)Pure Water

    Service Water | Reused Water | (Ultra)Pure Water

    Water and sewerage

    We are trying to supply high-quality water to customers from the water source to the drainage area.

    Reused Water

    Through investment, design, construction, and operation of wastewater reuse facilities, we supply water to customers to realize a sustainable virtuous cycle of water.
  • Waste energy

    Waste to Energy

    Through the construction and operation of solid fuel (SRF) facilities, solid fuel with excellent heat content is manufactured based on combustible solid waste, and high-quality and low-cost energy is supplied to neighboring customers through incineration of solid fuel.
  • Renewable energy

    New & Renewable Energy

    We are striving to develop new and renewable energy that is essential for a better future, such as solar energy, which is pollution-free natural energy, and heat generated by incineration facilities.
  • Soil purification

    Soil Purification

    ECORBIT Corporation offers a complete solution to recover the vitality of contaminated soil, ranging from site research, purification design, and clean-up construction.