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The new trend of leisure culture, Blue One

It is a four-season resort that operates golf, condominium, and water parks in Yongin, Gyeongju, and Sangju, providing a luxurious rest of leisure culture by providing relaxation and comfort.
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  • The Honors C.C.

    The prestigious country club representing Yeongnam region

    It has the best conditions such as clear weather throughout the four seasons, a natural terrain with a view of Bomun Lake and Bomun Tourist Complex, and a round of enjoying the beautiful seasonal changes in green nature.

    We got KS certification for golf course service section of Korea Standard Association for the first time in Korea.
    By Taeyoung, a major competition in KLPGA, held the Korean Women's Open for 4 years from 2007. And from 2017 to 2018, we successfully held the "Champions Trophy Park In-bee Invitational," a festival venue for Korean women's golf stars who boast the world's strongest skills such as Park In-bee, Park Sung-hyun, Yoo So-yeon, and Jeon In-ji, contributing greatly to the development of golf culture.
  • Blue One Yongin C.C.

    Blue One nestled in the arms of Gubong-Mountain

    Since its opening in 1993, it has developed into a luxury golf club thanks to the love of many Golfer.
    Various convenience facilities, including a carefully managed golf course and a newly established start-house, are at the top level in Korea.
  • Sangju Golf Resort

    A course with the best scenery in Korea with beautiful wildflowers on the flower path

    Blue One Sangju Golf Resort aims for eco-friendly leisure space and the world's best golf resort to match the perfect harmony of nature and course. The course boasts the best scenery in Korea, with 330,000 (pyeong) of natural rock, blue sky harmony, and beautiful wildflowers forming a flowery path.

    We have various auxiliary facilities including driving range, putting practice area, shade house, pro-shop, restaurant and group room.
  • Luna Hills Anseong

    A lovely, inviting golf course

    Misan-ri, Yangseong-myeon, Anseong-si, Gyeonggi-do, is known as a sacred place in Mirinae, where the mountains are so beautiful and clear streams flow. Also located at the foot of Ssangnyeongsan Mountain, Luna Hills Anseong is a 6,232-meter-long golf course with Oak Hill and Birch Hill courses.

    The world's first 24-hole (6-hole, 4-way) course design, non-face-to-face golf course

    The world's first 24-hole (6-hole, 4-way) course design, Korea's only non-face-to-face, no-caddy golf course located in Cheonbuk District, Gyeongju. It is a golf course with a total of 4 courses of 540,000 square meters and 9,532 yards along the mountain peak, each with its own personality, and a driving range (Play X) built on a 340-meter natural grass fairway.
  • Blue One Water Park

    The largest indoor and four-season water park in Yeongnam region

    It is a water park built on 12,000 (pyeong) of land under the theme of Polynesian in the South Pacific.
    Various water play facilities such as wave pools, torrents, and various water slides, which boast up to 2.6m waves in Korea, provide fun and relaxation, while indoor water parks run in four seasons offer love and happiness to you.
  • Blue One Condominium

    A place where the history and culture of Silla can breathe in the thousands of years along with nature.

    Family Condominium

    It boasts an excellent view of Bomun Lake and water park, and has auxiliary facilities such as banquet rooms, seminar rooms, cafeteria, and sauna as a comfortable space for two families to relax.

    Private Condominium

    It boasts a unique exterior and beautiful architectural design, such as the fortress that blends with Toham mountain and Bomun lake, and boasts a landscape of the complex, and is recognized as the best interior in Korea.
    It also has a members' house and a spa & fitness center.
  • Lux Tower

    Where everyone is the main character, where my life shines.

    It is a space of new construction methods and concepts designed by the world's best architect Tim Haahs.
    Lux tower is a complex cultural space that gives happiness and has a convenient parking lot.