Ethical management

TY Holdings practices ethical standards for all employees.

Code of Ethics

  • Specificize/systemize the Charter of Ethics and specify the principles and basic directions of employees' behavior
  • Technology of relationships with stakeholders (customers, executives, competitors, partner companies, etc.)
Based on the corporate ideology of "the best company that creates the future value of its customers," TY Holdings aims to become "the best company" in terms of corporate value through basics and principles.
Therefore, we respect the free market economic order that aims for free and fair competition and pledge to enact and implement the code of ethics based on the right behavior and value judgment that all executives and employees must follow in order to pursue common interests with all stakeholders based on mutual trust and cooperation.
  • 01

    Responsibilities to Customer

    • 1-1 Treat customers with the belief that what benefits them is also in the interests of the company. Always think from the customer's perspective, respect the customer's opinions as much as possible, and keep the promise with the customer.
    • 1-2 We do our best to receive endless love and trust from our customers by providing the best products and services.
  • 02

    Basic ethics of employees

    • 2-1 Honesty, honor and dignity
      Executives and employees are proud and proud of themselves as members of TY Holdings, and always maintain an honest and sincere attitude of living. Each employee always maintains the honor of the TY Holdings in polite behavior and decent language with the attitude that each employee represents TY Holdings.
    • 2-2 Business-related behaviors and attitudes
      Executives and employees shall share the company's vision, management principles, and spirit of TY Holdings, faithfully perform the mission assigned to each member in accordance with the company's policy, and prohibit the following acts against the interests of shareholders, customers, etc.
      • Receiving, a certain reward, etc. from interested parties.
      • Unfair equity participation in other partners.
      • Lack of transparency in relationships with partners
      • Illegal or unjust use of company assets.
      • Manipulation of document counts and false reporting
      • Other: negligence of duties, neglect of management, excess of authority, impairment of dignity, etc.
    • 2-3 Separation between public and private.
      It shall clearly distinguish construction works and shall not pursue personal interests using its position. In the event of conflicts of interest between the company and the individual, the public interest shall prevail.
    • 2-4 Eradication of unfairness and misconduct
      The superior shall not force the subordinate to direct or sympathize with unfair or illegal acts, and the subordinate shall refuse them.
    • 2-5 Healthy Organizational Culture
      It maintains an organizational culture based on smooth communication, mutual trust, and mutual respect between employees and colleagues in the company. It does not make any remarks or actions that undermine customs or cause sexual humiliation.
    • 2-6 Respect for Intellectual Property
      Executives and employees shall recognize the importance of intellectual property, including trade secrets, and shall respect the rights of others, while protecting and protecting their own rights.
      • Intellectual property and confidential information within the company shall not be disclosed to the outside world without proper prior permission or procedure.
      • Information acquired during business activities shall be recorded and reported on the basis of facts, and shall be kept and managed as intellectual property of the company.
      • In respect of intellectual property rights, such as patents, copyrights, trademarks, etc. of others, he/she shall not engage in acts that harm the company, such as unauthorized use, reproduction, distribution, alteration, etc.
  • 03

    Responsibilities for Employees

    • 3-1 In respecting each employee's personality and thoughts and giving them the opportunity to improve their abilities, they are not discriminated against for reasons such as race, nationality, gender, age, educational background, religion, region of origin, disability, marital status, gender identity, etc.
    • 3-2 Employees shall be fairly evaluated and compensated according to their capabilities and achievements.
    • 3-3 We will do our best to create working conditions that can maximize the creativity and ability of executives and employees, and actively support the development of creative talent.
  • 04

    Fair Competition

    • 4-1 All business and business activities shall comply with the laws and regulations of the relevant country and community and respect social values such as customs, culture, etc. of the relevant country or region.
    • 4-2 Respect competitors and secure superiority through fair and free competition with competitors.
  • 05

    Fair Trade

    • 5-1 All transactions with subcontractors shall be carried out in accordance with the principle of free competition, which guarantees fair and equal opportunities for participation.
    • 5-2 Do not exert any unethical and inappropriate coercion or influence by using superior status.
    • 5-3 Joint development with all parties is based on mutual trust.
  • 06

    Respect for shareholders

    • 6-1 Efforts shall be made to protect shareholders' return on investment by realizing profits through healthy management activities.
    • 6-2 Executives and employees shall not seek personal interests by utilizing internal information acquired using their position in the company.
    • 6-3 In order to maintain mutual trust with shareholders, corporate information shall be disclosed transparently in accordance with the prescribed laws and regulations, and the processing and reporting of accounting data, etc. shall be strictly governed by the relevant national standards and regulations.
  • 07

    Responsibilities and Obligations to the State and Society

    • 7-1 Contributions to the State and Society
      The roles and duties required as members of the State and society shall be faithfully performed. It shall contribute to the development of the State by creating employment and paying taxes faithfully, and actively contribute to the development of social contribution activities and culture.
    • 7-2 Environmental Protection and Safety
      Environmental protection shall be considered first in all business and business activities and shall thoroughly comply with the environmental standards of the relevant country and region. In order to maintain pleasant and safe working conditions, the organization shall be kept in a daily manner, and in any case, the safety rules of work shall be thoroughly observed.
    • 7-3 Political Activities
      The company is not involved in politics. Provided, That he/she may express his/her position on the enactment of policies or regulations related to the company's interests. Individual executives and employees' suffrage and political views guaranteed in the Constitution are respected, but executives and employees do not say or do anything that may cause individual opinions to be misunderstood as the company's political position.
  • 08

    Compliance with ethical standards

    • 8-1 Executives and employees shall faithfully comply with ethical standards regardless of their status, and executives and employees who violate such standards shall be subject to corresponding disciplinary action. Matters concerning disciplinary action shall be governed by the regulations of the company.
    • 8-2 Where an employee is pressured or aware of an act that violates ethical standards, he/she shall report it to the support team and consult with them. The company shall take all measures to protect the parties against reports, reports, and accusations by executives and employees, and details thereof shall be governed by “the Guidelines for Protection and Exemption of Informants of Unethics Activities”.